Ondine’s Published Articles

A Gallic Surfing Safari

Ondine Cohane scours the French countryside for gnarly waves and tasty oysters

Brazil’s New Beat

Halfway between Rio and São Paulo, Ondine Cohane discovers hidden beaches, colonial villages, and palmy, pristine deserted islands.

Italian Dolomites: Region of the Heavens

The Italian Dolomites, a striking mountain enclave at the heart of Europe, have remained surprisingly low-key. Now they are changing the whole idea of how sophisticated a great skiing area can become. Ondine Cohane explores a truly cool culture.READ FULL ARTICLE

Pacific Mexico: The Simple and the Sublime

For 750 miles, Highway 200 in Mexico tracks a coast that mixes great surfing, funky bars, cowboys, mountain towns, and beachside havens of great luxury. Ondine Cohane takes the trip

Puglia: Something New Under the Sun

Look out, Tuscany, here comes Puglia. Down in Italy’s heel, a rich and ancient culture is taking on a high-stepping style. Ondine Cohane catches the moment—and the cucina.MORE…

Honduras: Dive Right In

Swap the turkey for freshly caught lobster, and the Boxing Day movie for a white-water rafting adventure. Ondine Cohane enjoys a Caribbean Christmas on Honduras, whose pristine reefs, white sands and Mayan ruins mean there’s something for everyone.READ MORE…

Vietnam: Oriental Express

Read full article…

Langkawi: The Next Nirvana

Just over the horizon from some of Asia’s high–profile resorts lies a group of pristine islands only now registering on the radar. Ondine Cohane finds abundant wildlife, untouched rain forests, alabaster beaches, spicy street markets, and some new enclaves of luxury—all sharing a Malaysian idyll called Langkawi

Nicaragua: Where Ondine Cohane gets Sporty

Surf the breaks with the bold…Swing the treetops with monkeys… Climb the volcano with hot hands…Walk to the waterfall with butterflies…Dive the reef with green parrot fish. You’re in the new Action Central!