While I love to travel and write, I also enjoy a whole other array of subjects—fashion, politics, beauty, conservation, memoir, dancing, health, meditation.
This part of my website is devoted to things both serious and light, to projects, subjects and people, fanciful and profound. As I navigate a seemingly more complicated world, both micro and macro-wise, the company I keep and read keeps me inspired to move forward and find meaning.


My favorite yoga teachers include Barbara and Kristen at New York’s Shala Yoga House and Nadia Narain in London (she also wrote an amazing book called Self Care for the Real World). I am a certified yoga teacher and did my teacher training with the wonderful Alison West. I also teach in Italian and Spanish but might say things like shake your shrimps or breathe into your liver toast from time to time. You can book a lesson through my contact page.


There are so many travel colleagues, writers and photographers, who inspire me here, and abroad. Following the meals, travels, and indeed daily life, of people like Katie Parla, Athena Calderone , Robyn Woodman , David Loftus, Katja Meier (You must read her personal account of migration in Tuscany in Across the Big Blue Sea),  Adam Rapoport, Andrew Sessa, among many many others (I will blog about them too) keep me dreaming.

Personal Style

I LOVE clothes and jewelry, lotions and potions, and shoes. Smaller brands and artisanal products. Again I will add, and,  in no particular order….
Amazing sandals inspired by Capri
Clutches and accessories by Clare Vivier
Sustainable and chic must haves from my dear friend Marissa Maximo’s Anaak Collection
Face masks from Rodial
Kids clothing at Makie Clothier