In Norway, the Journey Is the Destination (The New York Times)

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A writer finds emotional solace on some of Norway’s scenic remote roads, which have been transformed into architectural wonders. I was driving up a remote road in central Norway. To be more accurate, it was actually more like I was playing an advanced level video game. Eleven switchbacks were cut into the sheer mountainside, and …

Always Italy
By FRANCES MAYES and ONDINE COHANE(National Geographic)

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Always Italy By FRANCES MAYES and ONDINE COHANE The world’s favorite expert on la dolce vita (Under the Tuscan Sun author) guides readers through Italy’s iconic regions, replete with lavish National Geographic images. This lush guide, featuring more than 350 glorious photographs from National Geographic, showcases the best Italy has to offer from the perspective ...

The Innkeeper’s Diaries (Journey)

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When Ondine Cohane and her husband opened a hotel in the Tuscan countryside, everyone said they were living the dream—only it wasn’t really hers My husband and I are dressed for a photo shoot: he in a crisp linen shirt and jacket, me in a pink Michael Kors shift. His face is tanned from summer …

The Aeolian Islands: Beautiful Italian Countryside, Few Tourists (Conde Nast Traveler)

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There is a small cluster of islands off the coast of Sicily with no throngs of tourists, no teeming crowds, no traffic jams. Instead, what you find is Italy at its dreamiest, picturesque best: acres of olive trees and grapevines; small, just-right hotels; and crystalline waters made for long, lazy swims. Ondine Cohane uncovers the ...

Tuscan Attraction (1st Dibs)

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A magazine editor and her music-industry executive husband leave Brooklyn for the Italian countryside, where despite numerous trials, they succeed in turning a pair of historic buildings into two chic boutique hotels — while recreating their lives in the process. Driving up a steep and deeply rutted dirt road lined with statuesque cypress trees, we …

The Daily Traveler: Antinori’s New Cantina in Tuscany (Conde Nast Traveler)

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At This Italian Winery, the Architecture’s as Amazing as the Chianti Antinori is one of the biggest names in Italian wine, but it’s not just the Chianti that’s drawing visitors to their hillside winery near the village of Bargino, 20 minutes outside Florence. The winemaker’s new state-of-the-art, cantilevered headquarters, Cantina Antinori, is luring architecture buffs who …

CohaneTravels: Bringing inspiration home

  We are winding down the end of our first season at La Bandita Townhouse. It has been an exciting process and despite the stress of getting the place open in time, I loved seeing how the design ideas translated from paper into reality, especially after already surviving the first time around with La Bandita …

Everything’s Funky in the Philippines (Conde Nast Traveler)

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Finding Gems on the Tuscan Coast (The New York Times)

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  At dusk I jogged along a sandy road in a secluded nature reserve outside Bolgheri in western Tuscany. A family of bristly boars came charging out of the underbrush with their tails upright and momentarily froze with a wary glare before rambling away. I saw a couple of deer grazing behind dappled trees alongside …

Surfing and Serenity on a Remote Philippine Island (The New York Times)

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We sat facing a weathered wood pagoda set in an emerald sea, the perfect swimming distance from a private beach lined with crooked coconut trees. Grilled mahi-mahi that arrived via a banca, a Filipino fishing boat, just an hour earlier was seasoned with calamansi (a citrus fruit native to the Philippines) and served with grilled …