I love sharing my finds of the best from my travels. Eating great food, drinking excellent wine, discovering small hotels, researching sustainable and ethical travel, planning trips with my beloved son Jacopo, and exploring far-flung destinations are all part of what I love most. I’m fortunate to be a Contributing Editor at Conde Nast Traveler US, and UK, and also write frequently for The New York Times travel section (pieces like the cover story I did on Norway for them is one of my proudest achievements).
I’m currently working on a book with National Geographic on Italy alongside my mentor, and dear friend, Frances Mayes, as well as a memoir. I also really enjoy on camera experiences and have been interviewed on CNN, Good Morning America as well as co-hosting Conde Nast Traveler’s Insider Guide series on PBS.  I’m passionate about Yoga, (I was certified as a teacher right before moving to Italy), running and wellness and have been living in Pienza—a small town in Southern Tuscany—for over a decade. I’m also the proud co-owner of two pretty cool boutique hotels La Bandita. Come visit!