Milan. It’s probably fair to say that Giorgio Armani owns this town — or at least a glamorous and centrally located chunk of it. Last month, the designer further expanded his domain with the opening of the Armani Hotel Milano.

Courtesy of Giorgio Armani Archive

1. Emporio Armani Caffè The cafe is a canteen for suitably kitted-out fashion types, hungry shoppers and businessmen looking to soak up some Armani glamour. Red-topped tables and green upholstered banquettes provide a sleek backdrop to a menu that runs from light salads to risotto Milanese. Open early morning until late. Piazza Croce Rossa 2; 39-02-723-18680.

Courtesy of Giorgio Armani Archive

2. Armani/Spa Located on the eighth floor of the new Armani Hotel, the nearly 13,000-square-foot spa is poised to become a destination in itself. The louvered windows, walls and roof give a whole new perspective on Milan’s skyline, and the swimming pool, steam room and sauna offer refuge from an otherwise hectic city. Via Manzoni 31;

3. Armani/Privé The designer’s 360-degree lifestyle concept continues at this pink-light-bathed after-hours spot, which shares a name with his couture collection. Get beyond the velvet rope (a hotel room key helps), and the vibe is more conducive to sipping prosecco than table dancing. Via Manzoni 31; 39-02-6231-2655.

4. Armani/Manzoni 31 Armani/Libri (books), Armani/Fiori (floral arrangements), Armani/Dolci (chocolates) — think of this complex as a one-stop shop for all essential nonessentials, including the designer’s new skin-care line, Regenessence; sunglasses; jeans; and even Armani baby bottles. Via Manzoni 31; 39-02-7231-8600.

Courtesy of Giorgio Armani Archive

5. Armani/Casa Take the Armani aesthetic home in the form of pale sofas, Chinese-inspired screens, cream and beige sheets, and throw in the golds and neutrals that the designer favors. Among the objects you’ll find here are the Erika bowl in gold leaf, a limited-edition snakeskin writing desk and beautiful red Murano glass bowls. Via Sant’ Andrea 9; 39-02-657-2401.

Armani: Venturelli/Wireimage; Runway: First View


Giorgio Armani: Designer, Hotelier

Housed in the imposing 1930s Enrico Griffini building that has over the last few years become a showcase for all things Armani, the new 95-room Armani Hotel Milano in the heart of the Fashion Quadrangle represents the culmination of the designer’s vision for the ultimate lifestyle complex. “It is a personal triumph, the realization of a dream,” he explains. Furnishings come from Armani/Casa, naturally, but with customized hotel finishes; the Italian restaurant features seasonal local ingredients and a handpicked wine list; and “lifestyle managers” double as personal concierges. A ground plan of the project seen from above resembles a huge A. “I consider that to be a good omen,” Armani says.