Travel in 2009? With Wall Street and Main Street gasping, and paranoia rampant? Well, we can think of no better time to shut off CNBC and get a breath of fresh air. Each year, we comb the globe looking for the emerging places that will be on everybody’s lips two years from now (and when, hopefully, better news in general will also be what people are talking about). This gives you at least a year to get the most out of these travel finds without fighting the masses. Some of our picks for 2009 have never really been on most travelers’ radars (Bolivia); others places were once glamorous, lost it, and now are once again on the upswing (Acapulco). And some are always popular but have become much more accessible due to really sweet deals (New York City). Let us introduce you to the It List of 2009—the places that will make you feel all right about the world again.